Wild Buffalo Hunting

The past seasons saw many firsts and new records taken for our Wild Bison hunts. These giant beasts were taken with rifle, crossbow and archery all in our spring season. With this past season’s success on these combination hunts we will now be offering a special “On Demand” hunt for these unique trophies. This hunt will be for hunters interested in dedicated single species hunts for wild bison. It will be booked well in advance, with hunting dates to be determined on short notice basis. Daily hunting rates will apply and trophy fees will apply on success only. Please contact us for these very exciting limited offers on the largest animal walking the continent!

When buffalo populations were driven to the point of extinction in the late 1800’s, one of their last strongholds was an area of remote boreal forest, parkland and wetland along the Peace, Athabasca, and Slave Rivers. Wood Buffalo National Park was created to encompass much of this prime habitat.
The park is aprox. 12 Million acres. Our hunting area is 3.5 million acres (5,500 square miles) and runs along the east border of the park separated by the Slave River.

The buffalo in Wood Buffalo National Park were designated as a separate sub-species due to characteristics such as larger size, and darker coloration. The heavier woolen part of the Wood Buffalo’s cape extends much farther back than on an American Plains Bison. In the early 1900’s, some Plains Bison from central Alberta were introduced to the park to strengthen the population. Today there are herds of Wood Buffalo, Plains Bison and a Hybrid Buffalo roaming freely in the park.

Today, Wood Buffalo National Park is still a vast natural wilderness where buffalo thrive. The parkland is heavily wooded and difficult to accurately survey. The most current data places the population anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 animals.
Outside the park buffalo feed in scattered pockets of grassland found along beaver ponds, rivers, and bog lakes. Clients at Andrew Lake Lodge have the opportunity to hunt Wild Buffalo as they exit the park and enter our hunting zone.

As the buffalo are wild and can freely enter and exit the park it can be difficult to predict when they can be hunted. Our Wild Buffalo hunt is offered as a combination to a Spring Bear or Rut Moose hunt. Clients interested in a Buffalo hunt will book either hunt with wild buffalo added as a combination on availability.
The best opportunities exist in early spring when the feed in open grassland begins to grow.
We own our own aircraft and continually monitor the park border when our hunters are in camp.

NEW! On Demand Bison Hunt – Call for Details
On Demand – Wild Buffalo Hunt
January – June / September – December
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Wild buffalo crossbow hunt
2016/17  Buffalo Hunt Schedule  February /March & May/June –  Contact us for dates
RATES:   $10,000 + 5% GST (No trophy fee)
Hunt package includes: 
2 X 1 guiding, 1 X 1 guiding available for additional $2000, Return air charter if required from Fort Smith, NWT to camp, Accommodation/meals while in camp, WIN Card, Hunting license, Wolf permit, Bear tags (2  per hunter) on combination Hunts,Fishing License, Hunt Package does NOT include gratuity to guides and staff
2017 Bison + Black Bear Combo Rates
$5695 + $5000 trophy fee per Hunter (base camp hunt)
$6695 + $5000 trophy fee per Hunter (fly out outpost hunt + fishing)