Our Team

Every year our amazing team comes together to make your outdoor adventure one of a kind. Countless hours are spent on the land, water and in the air by our professional team of staff, guides and pilots. See our “Hall of Fame” team that have working with us now and those that have worked with us over the years:

Dan Wettlaufer – Owner, Outfitter and Pilot

Following in his father Glen’s footsteps, Dan has always been interested in tourism and aviation. He started working at Andrew Lake Lodge as a young boy guiding fishermen and hunters. From guiding experience he began managing the lodges and learned about the air charter business. Today he runs both the tourism business with Andrew Lake Lodge & Lynx Tundra Lodges and the air charter service, Reliance Airways.


Ken Davies – Lodge Host

“Uncle Ken” has been helping for many years at all the camps, with construction and renovations and for the last few years he has been our main host at our Arctic lodge – Lynx Tundra Lodge


Dave Hill & Jim Kirkman – Super Crew

Dave and Jim started as hunting and fishing customers in 2001. After retirement they took on a new career with us, as the “job list specialists”. They are busy with us in the spring and fall with camp maintenance and renovations.


LeVerne Ellsworth – Andrew Lake Host

Anything  you need during your stay at Andrew Lake?  Just ask!  LeVerne is always ready to help out guests and ensure they enjoy their experience.






  Crystal & Kevin Wood – Owners North Leland Lake

For years they were interested in owing their own camp and in 2012 made a deal  with Dan Wettlaufer to buy  the North Leland Outpost camp.  As new owners they have been managing and hosting our guests at the camp ever since.



Geoff Cowie (Left)  with Successful hunter

Geoff Cowie – Guide

Geoff is member of The Fire department for the City of Edmonton and enjoys taking is vacations up north to guide hunters and help out at the fishing camps.

 Andrew Lake Lodge & Camps –  Hall Of Fame Guides & Staff

Derek Martin – Guide

Derek is from Fort Smith and has managed the main lodge on Andrew Lake and guided Bear, Moose & Bison hunters.

Frank Erlam – Guide

Frank has guided bear, moose and deer hunts. Also, has helped out at all of our fishing lakes.

Stan Bauer – Guide

Stan has been one of our big game guides since 1989. His favorite hunt is the rut hunt for moose. When he is not calling in Andrew lake bulls he works in central Alberta building houses.

(Stan – right, congratulates David Krause on moose number 5!)

Earl Evans – Guide

Earl is a big game guide and has lived in the Fort Smith area all of his life. He has an extensive background in hunting and trapping at keeps alive many of the traditional ways by passing on knowledge to the young people of the region.

Walter Bablitz – Guide

Walter has guided our bear, moose and deer hunters. His vast knowledge of land and wildlife impresses hunters. His amazing skills in the kitchen are equally impressive as hunters rave about his fresh bread and cinnamon buns. Look for his cookbook Wally’s Country Vittles on best seller lists.
Sadly Walter passed away on October 9, 2009.

(Walter – left, called in this bull for his hunter)

Tyrone Romaniuk – Guide

Tyrone is a great guide and a black bear specialist. He also enjoys capturing hunting action on film and has worked on our Guides Video Journal series.

(Tyrone – right, with hunter and Boquene Bruin)

Ryan Martin – Guide

Ryan is Derek’s “little” brother. As a big game guide, Ryan guides bear, buffalo and moose hunts. He enjoys our moose hunts best and can’t wait every year for a new calling season to begin.

Brent Divert – Guide

Brent has been a big game guide since the early 1990’s. Before guiding he gained his hunting and fishing background from his father Norm and hunting partner Earl. Brent guides for moose, bear and deer hunts.

(Brent – left and Dan with trophy black bear)

Lawrence Napier – Guide

As a long time friend of pilot Tom Greenwood, Lawrence joined our big game guiding team. He brings excellent hunting and outdoor skills. He also runs a trapline around his home of Mackenzie BC.

Hank Simon – Mayor of Lynx Lake

Hank had been making treks from his home in Calgary Alberta to the north for over 30 years! A plumber by trade, he worked with Ken Davies on our camp construction and maintenance. They built up our latest camp – Lynx Tundra Lodge. Sadly, Hank passed away in 2015. We will all miss him, but his spirit remains in the north and we all remember excellent adventures with him.

Stan Eden – Whitetail and Mule Deer Outfitter Guide

Stan guides for our bear and moose hunts, as well as helping out at the fishing lodges. He owns and operates Buck Stop guiding and outfitting and conducts our trophy deer hunts.

Stephane Leveque – Chef at Andrew Lake Lodge

Stephane joined our team in 2006 cooking at Andrew Lake Lodge. Providing amazing meals Stephane is a favorite among lodge guests.

Bill Crooks – Guide

Bill joined our Moose guiding team in 2007. With previous experience with Stan Eden’s Buckstop Deer Outfitting, Bill quickly fit in with our team. When he is not guiding, he works as a firefighter for the City of Edmonton.

Jon Hamilton – Guide

Jon lives for hunting and fishing and enjoys all the action throughout the seasons. He guides for bear and moose as well as helping out at Andrew Lake Lodge during the fishing season.

Ivan Bourque – Pilot

Ivan began flying with Andrew Lake Lodge and Reliance Airways in 2000. He too was introduced to flying by his father Billy Bourque, who spent many years flying the north. Look for Ivan flying our guests with Loon Air which he now owns.

Pierre Etienne Clairet – Pilot

Pierre began flying with Reliance Airways in 2003 after moving to Canada from France. He has flown our guests from Fort McMurray & Fort Smith with McMurray Aviation.  He still lives in Fort Smith and will be flying guests again this year.

Keith Schaefer  

Growing up in Fort Smith Keith worked at the Reliance Airways Floatplane base and the fishing camps in the summers. He has an extensive hunting background, hunting bear, moose, and caribou with his family. His new career has taken him south, but we always enjoy his visits back to the north.