The Fly-In Fishing Experience – Once in a Lifetime Trip?
Not really – some of our guests have returned season after season, as each visit is unique.
The greatest compliment our guests can give us is returning for another trip.

Dan, I want to say thank you again for our trip up to Andrew Lake Lodge.  September 16-20, 2016

As you are aware it was my father’s 70th Birthday this year. Earlier this year my sister and I were trying to decide what would be an appropriate way to celebrate the milestone when my wife suggested the obvious….take him on a fly in fishing trip.


My father has always been an avid fisherman and instilled the same in me from an early age. We have many great memories of our time on the water but the one thing missing was a northern fly in  trip. For as long as I can remember we have seen your booth at the Calgary Sportsman Show. Every year we would look at pictures and take some brochures, for us though life never seemed to afford us the opportunity to make the trip up.. until this year.

We had realistic expectations heading up as we know fishing is never a sure thing. That said from the time I first contacted you about trip until it was all said and done, every expectation was exceeded.  Your operation is run first class right from yourself, Dave and Jim at the lodge and Pierre rushing us to make our flight out.

We loved the camp, it was simple, rustic and exactly what we hoped it would be. A long day’s fishing followed by a relaxing night in the lodge (loved the bear chair) could not be beat.

IMG_4647  IMG_4777 IMG_4690 IMG_4651

As far as the fishing went, what can I say…. As I said we were very realistic with our expectations and know that nothing is guaranteed as far as catching fish. We came up simply hoping to catch some lake trout and have an opportunity for a trophy fish. We could not have wished for more that what we experianced. We fished hard for four days and as I look back, really cannot believe our catch. Numerous lake trout in the 4-8lb range all caught in 3 to 5 feet of water capped off with 2 giant Lake Trout of a life time.  I was aware that likely the pike fishing would not be as “good” as it is in the spring and we may not  catch the numbers that we would have in the spring.  Well we  caught lots of pike and 5 GIANT’s well over 20lbs with the largest a 48″ 30+lb brute that simple blew us away.  The fish, the fall colors, the lodge were simply outstanding.

IMG_4768  IMG_4710

IMG_4683 IMG_4721

I have attached some pictures for you to enjoy,


I will say it again, thank you for helping making my fathers 70th Birthday something truly special.


Joe Wilson

Calgary, Alberta

Del Bialowas & Kerwin Laumbach – 5 Trips

Bob Dale – 5 Trips

Nolan Klier – 5 Trips

Gaylen Larson – 20+ Trips

Bob Nemec – 20+ Trips

Gary Zacc – 15 Trips

Todd Regan – 15 Trips

Tony Kozyrski – 3 Trips

Gord Trenholm (L) & Pierre Frigon (R) 16 consecutive trips

Rick Marshall and Nikeae  -     8 Trips

Jim Kirkman, Terry Russell,
Dave Hill – 4 Trips

Paul Roy – 3 Trips

Lee Giles – 6 Trips

Greg & Jeff Stone (Centre) – 6 Trips

Reg Cook – 12 Trips

Kerwin Laumbach – 4 Trips

David Krause (Left) – 7 Trips
Joe York & Connor Sims 4 Trips

Joe York & Connor Sims – 4 Trips


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What Our Guests Say

I still recall with a smile the 18 pound bruiser that smashed my Jitterbug as it popped along
the surface of northern Alberta’s Andrew Lake just after ice out one June.

~ Ken Bailey – Outdoor Canada Magazine
As promised I’m sending a copy of Reid’s 46” long 35lb Pike that he caught on
Canada Day. He couldn’t lift the fish, which is why I’m holding it in the picture.
Thanks for another great trip. We hope to see you again next year.

~ Ian Seal – Alberta
At nearly four feet she was the biggest pike I’d ever caught. This however, was not the end of the story, just the beginning. Over the course of a week we returned half a dozen more times to this location and another that was almost identical on the west shore of the lake and caught and released in
excess of fifty 40-inch-plus northerns.

~ T.J. Schwanky – Outdoor Edge Magazine
My trip on the Thelon was outstanding. I would have to say it was right up there with
the best 6 weeks I can remember in my life. The timing was perfect. I was at the narrows between
Beverly Lake and Aberdeen Lake when the Caribou began to cross the river.
I watched for 2 days as they came by in groups between 12 and 100 animals.
As soon as one group crossed, another was approaching the river. I saw lots of Muskoxen, a few moose,
and best of all — I had lots of time alone on a beautiful land and river.

~ Norton Smith, Oregon – Kayak expedition
Had an amazing 13 days in NE Alberta on a remote lake in the Canadian Shield. Some beautiful scenery that included seeing Lynx, wild bison in Wood Buffalo National Park, and bears on our way up. Dan Wettlaufer from Andrew Lake Lodge & Lynx Tundra Lodge flew Rick and I in for 13 days. We had all kinds of weather and even some nice days! Fall is late up North and conditions were a bit tough as it never froze and the leaves were still green which was a surprise. Still the hunting was good and we did call in 5 bulls. I had decided this trip to focus on taking a bull with archery gear and the first bull came in on a rope and I was at full draw at under 15 yards to a rutting, grunting bull but never gave me a shot in the alders. Several other bulls were in rifle range but never gave me a chance with the bow or got the interest of my hunting partner. On the final days I switched to the rifle but the moose sensed this change and hid! It was a great hunt that also included a few nights of catching up with an old friend under the northern lights, catching more pike than I have in all my years with many over 10 lbs and the biggest at 19lbs. Plans were discussed on what and where to go next time already…I won’t lie though and I was happy to see the float plane yesterday and get back home to the girls. My bed was full when I got in this morning and it was great. Now to dream about my next adventure and be happy I have a wife (and kids) that supports my dreams wither it be running for 20+ hrs in the mtns, sleeping at 2000m above the mtn goats or going on 13 day adventure in the middle of no where. I am blessed to exp what I have this year and a family that allows it. Now back to hockey practise, picking up dog shit, learning how to do do makeup, etc…… Life is good and would be better I am sure with some sleep!

~ Shane Mascarin
Thanks for a amazing week:
4 Men
12 Hours a Day
752 Fish
Carl won most overall fish. Over the 4 days on average he caught a fish every 12 minutes !

~ Laura Smith